Classical USA - Music Player Help Close

1. I don't hear anything even after clicking the "Play" button?

It may take some time for audio load depending on your internet connection speed. Please wait awhile.

2. What audio quality will I get for my final purchased music?
Preview tracks are lower-quality 48Kbps MP3 files. Final purchased tracks will be available in both high-quality 44.1Khz WAV, as well as CD-quality 128Kbps MP3.

3. Will there be a voice-over on my final purchased files?
No. Your final purchased files will not include this voice-over. This voice-over "watermarking" is there for copyright protection on preview files only.

4. Can I download the music?
You can use the "Download" links instead of this "Quick Preview" link to download the audio files to your computer and then play them using your default media player, e.g. Windows Media Player, QuickTime, RealPlayer...etc.

5. How do I make a purchase?
Click on the check box next to the version(s) of the track that you require - Full Mix, 16-second, Loop...etc. Then click the "Add to Cart" button. This will add the selected versions to your Shopping Cart.